What kind of kit do I need to wear?
When starting out, ordinary sports kit is fine – most people wear shorts, t-shirt and trainers. A warmer layer might prove useful when the colder weather sets in, and later in term you’ll have the opportunity to buy more specialised kit in the club colours like splash-jackets (lightweight waterproof layers), leggings and all-in-ones (for warmer weather). And of course, stash!

Where does training take place?
The majority of training this year will take place at the boathouse – Christ’s has the closest boathouse to the centre of town. For the first couple of weeks, we are using a temporary ‘boat shed’ whilst the boathouse renovations are finished – for directions click here.

What does blade/finish/bump/mixed-eight/coxswain mean? It’s all very confusing…
Rowing has a lot of specialised terms, but don’t worry, you quickly get used to it. For the meaning of a particular word, check out our jargon page.