Boathouse Directions

See the map below, or the directions underneath it. These directions begin from the King Street gate of the college – for a map of the college, click here, where it is marked on the upper left boundary. The boathouse is currently undergoing a multi-million-pound upgrade and so unfortunately will not be available for the first few weeks of term, so the directions given refer to the temporary base, affectionately known as the ‘boat shed’, which CCBC is currently using.

If you cannot view the above map or it does not load, follow these instructions, which you can take both on foot and by bike.

  • Turn right out of the King Street gate and follow the road until you get to the roundabout (~300m, 3-4 minutes walk)
  • Cross to the far side of the roundabout where there is a path leading off across Midsummer Common, to the immediate right of a blue cycle-path sign (30m, <1 minute walk)
  • Follow the tarmac path across the Common, straight then slightly right, until you get to a pink-and-white bridge (500m, 5-6 minutes walk)
  • Cross the bridge and turn left, and follow the track until the end, where the CCBC portacabin is on your left (100, 1 minute walk)