Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 - Womens Head of the River

Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 

To round off the term, W1 entered Women's head of the river on the tideway - with only half of the crew having raced on the tideway before this was an exciting day. We got the train to London, rerigged Spirit, and then took advantage of the earlier start to go for a pre-paddle up to Chiswick bridge giving us time to adjust to the choppier water of the Thames. We put in some practice starts and some rate builds and concluded that for the race, we just needed to go for it off the start - so just like bumps! With this in mind we returned to Sons of Thames for a spot of lunch. At 2:30 we were ready to race again so we got back on the water and paddled up to our marshalling slot by Barnes Bridge. We watched the crews ahead of us go off and cheered loudly for Cambridge university and college crews. Finally we rowed up to above Chiswick bridge and span. We started 2nd in our division (160th overall). We executed a good rolling start after the bridge, and had a flying first kilometer. We then overtook Cambridge 99's who were directly ahead of us, and left them behind, then held off City of Bristol behind us for a while. They passed us at around Hammersmith bridge, and we fought on not letting 99's or Newnham behind them gain any ground. We faded a bit as we got to about 1.5 kilometers to go, but regrouped and held it strong to the finish where we were cheered by City of Cambridge.