Men's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 - Lent Bumps Day 3

Lent Bumps
Day of racing: 
Day 3
Bumps Result: 
Crew bumped/bumped by: 
Queens' M1

After a hefty paddle down to the marshalling zone, we were disappointed not to see W1 row over. As soon as we pushed off again the focus snapped back to our own boat and we nailed our practice start by the Plough.

With Robinson behind us looking for revenge, and Queens' having a tough year ahead of us the plan was to go off hard and hold on until we hit Queens'.

A clean start took us up to rate 42. The outflow rattled us a little, as expected, but we soon found a coherent rhythm at rate 39. The whistles came quickly after that, and we bumped shortly before First Post corner.

Tomorrow we'll be taking on Peterhouse, hopefully after a cheer from our fans in Catz W1.

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