Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 - Lent Bumps Day 3

Lent Bumps
Day of racing: 
Day 3
Bumps Result: 
Got bumped
Crew bumped/bumped by: 
Clare W1

The race plan for today was to go off hard and hold on, having seen Clare bump Emma yesterday, and having heard Kate’s praise for their finishes. We were also chasing Newnham again today after rowing over behind them yesterday.

Following the plan we wound aggressively up to rate 40 in the start, and despite the usual rhythm call from Emily stayed up at rate 38 down first post reach. Despite the high rate we rowed well with sharper catches than yesterday. We held it round first post corner and fought on through Clare’s first whistles, staying strong and not letting them put us off. The rate settled down slightly to rate 35, and we hit our stride. We took a tight line around grassy corner and stayed on station with Newnham but allowed Clare to get to half a length behind us. However we didn’t let them put us off, and executed our reset move, re-establishing the rhythm, and followed it up with a middle four push past the plough. They got their bows on the inside of us as we pushed hard and we were finally bumped as we turned the corner onto the reach. Whilst disappointed with the result we were pleased with our row, our attack, and our determination which we need to hold for tomorrow’s race.