Men's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 - Lent Bumps Day 2

Lent Bumps
Day of racing: 
Day 2
Bumps Result: 
Crew bumped/bumped by: 
Robinson M1

We knew that as of last month Robinson were roughly as fast as us, so if we were to bump we would need to play the long game.

A clean start drove us well clear of Catz. The next phase of the plan was to allow Robinson to wear themelves out while we conserved energy with clean efficient rowing. Bumps being bumps, we weren't nearly as clean as we had been in training, but we achieved our aim of staying within striking distance of Robinson while saving some legs to grind them down on the Reach. We strode from First Post through to Grassy corner where we got our first whistle, a little earlier than planned.

By this stage, Peterhouse had bumped out ahead and we knew Robinson had no chance of escape. Staying within a length on Plough reach, we took Ditton hard and smooth bringing the gap down to a mere third of a length. From there it was all about finishing the job. 'Binson veered sharply to the left, we followed, and promptly scraped our bow across their stern.

Tomorrow we aim to bump Queen's quickly, not to leave Robinson any chance of revenge.

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