Men's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 - Lent Bumps Day 1

Lent Bumps
Day of racing: 
Day 1
Bumps Result: 
Rowed over

M2 approached the first day of this bumps campaign with confidence, having prepared well throughout the term by training hard.
At the gun they wound up to a blistering pace with St Edmund's firmly in their sights. Seeking to capitalise on Eddie's mistake (pushing off diagonally), they surged forwards at rate 35.
Unfortunately it was not to be as Eddie's bumped Sidney Sussex M1 before First Post corner. Emmanuel M2 (chasing Christ's) were 3 lengths behind by this stage, a margin which was stretched to 10 lengths by the finish.
They look forward to Thursday when they will be looking to catch Sidney M1.