Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 - Lent Bumps Day 1

Lent Bumps
Day of racing: 
Day 1
Bumps Result: 
Rowed over

This afternoon we sat on the start line, ready to go, a term’s worth of training under our belts, having executed our best start of term on the way up to psyche out our opposition, and fuelled by pancakes and crunchy chocolate sauce from crew pasta. Ahead of us were Newnham the winners of Pembroke regatta, and chasing us were Emma – a relatively unknown quantity. We de-kitted at the 4 minute gun, pushed out with 30 s to go, and with the start cannon we were off. We executed a good strong start, hitting rate 38 off the winds, then 5 of the legs followed by a hips through to take us onto a good steady rhythm at rate 35, staying on station with both Newnham and Emma.

As we came round first post corner we started to hear single whistles from Emma, but we didn’t pay any attention to those and continued to row our race, holding them off easily and defying their coaches decidedly optimistic whistling. We took a tight line round first post and stormed down the gut as we had been working on in training. As we came round grassy we were still on station with both crews, with Clare hot on Emma’s tail. Out of grassy corner, we executed our well practiced and familiar reset move, firming up our rhythm and power and increasing our boat speed. This was followed by a push from our middle-4 powerhouse. Having experienced some pretty strong headwinds last weekend we were braced to push into another one as we came round onto the reach, but found less opposition than we expected so maintained speed onto the reach. Behind us, Clare bumped Emma and so with a clear reach behind us we continued on towards the railway bridge trailing Newnham still. We lost a bit of focus, but crossed the line and wound down having executed a really good first half of our race and a solid second half. Some improvements in catches and not over-reaching at the catch will help us in tomorrow’s race.