Lent Bumps 2016-17

Lent Bumps

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Crew Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Overall
M1 Bumped Robinson M1 Bumped Queens' M1 Rowed over Bumped FaT M1 +3
W1 Rowed over Bumped by Clare W1 Rowed over Bumped by FaT W1 -2
M2 Rowed over Bumped by Pembroke M2 Rowed over as Sandwich Boat Bumped by Hughes Hall M1 -2
W2 Rowed over Bumped by Newnham W2 Bumped by Wolfson W1 Bumped by Clare W2 -3

Men's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 2
Robinson M1

We knew that as of last month Robinson were roughly as fast as us, so if we were to bump we would need to play the long game.

A clean start drove us well clear of Catz. The next phase of the plan was to allow Robinson to wear themelves out while we conserved energy with clean efficient rowing. Bumps being bumps, we weren't nearly as clean as we had been in training, but we achieved our aim of staying within striking distance of Robinson while saving some legs to grind them down on the Reach. We strode from First Post through to Grassy corner where we got our first whistle, a little earlier than planned.

By this stage, Peterhouse had bumped out ahead and we knew Robinson had no chance of escape. Staying within a length on Plough reach, we took Ditton hard and smooth bringing the gap down to a mere third of a length. From there it was all about finishing the job. 'Binson veered sharply to the left, we followed, and promptly scraped our bow across their stern.

Tomorrow we aim to bump Queen's quickly, not to leave Robinson any chance of revenge.


Men's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 3
Queens' M1

After a hefty paddle down to the marshalling zone, we were disappointed not to see W1 row over. As soon as we pushed off again the focus snapped back to our own boat and we nailed our practice start by the Plough.

With Robinson behind us looking for revenge, and Queens' having a tough year ahead of us the plan was to go off hard and hold on until we hit Queens'.

A clean start took us up to rate 42. The outflow rattled us a little, as expected, but we soon found a coherent rhythm at rate 39. The whistles came quickly after that, and we bumped shortly before First Post corner.

Tomorrow we'll be taking on Peterhouse, hopefully after a cheer from our fans in Catz W1.


Men's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 4
Rowed over

From the outset, this was always going to be a tough race. The order was
Peterhouse are known to be quick this term, so we expected them to hit FaT yesterday. Instead they merely rowed over. Today was their second shot at FaT, so we were aware that there was a chance of House bumping out in front of us. We agreed that if that were to happen we would aim for the overbump on Pembroke.

A well-executed start sent us flying, but Peterhouse had similarly outdone themselves. We remained on station until Grassy, where Emma thought she saw Peterhouse get their bump. In fact they had not.
Confusion reigned from the Gut to Ditten, as the crew were alternately told that Peterhouse had and had not bumped out ahead. Finally at the top of the Reach we saw Peterhouse and FaT pulled in on the bank. It was time to attack Pembroke.

Still 6 lengths behind, we had our work cut out for us. Sadly it was not to be, but we did succeed in reducing the gap from 6 lengths to 1 and a half.

With Blades now out of the question, the only thing left to do is turn up sharp tomorrow and end the campaign with a bang by smashing FaT!


Men's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 5
First and Third M1

There was an air of optimism in the shed as M1 assembled to finish the job we started on Wednesday. Perhaps a little over-excited we executed our fastest practice start to date in front of the Plough, rating in the high forties.

At the gun we had an excellent start, hitting the low forties. We soon settled down to strike at 36.

We held this rate down the course, taking the bends in our stride to catch FaT just after the Plough.

Now for BCD!


Men's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 1
Rowed over

M2 approached the first day of this bumps campaign with confidence, having prepared well throughout the term by training hard.
At the gun they wound up to a blistering pace with St Edmund's firmly in their sights. Seeking to capitalise on Eddie's mistake (pushing off diagonally), they surged forwards at rate 35.
Unfortunately it was not to be as Eddie's bumped Sidney Sussex M1 before First Post corner. Emmanuel M2 (chasing Christ's) were 3 lengths behind by this stage, a margin which was stretched to 10 lengths by the finish.
They look forward to Thursday when they will be looking to catch Sidney M1.


Men's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 3
Got bumped
Emmanuel M2

We started the race quite optimistically, thinking we had a good chance of bumping Sidney Sussex M1 after they got bumped relatively quickly on the first day. We had a solid start and pushed away from Pembroke M2.
Meanwhile we were steadily gaining on Sidney, getting to half a length. They were not letting them being defeated easily though and kept a steady pace.
By now, Pembroke had regained speed and were coming ever closer. We tried a few pushes, but it was not of much help. Soon there was overlap and after some blade contact our cox conceded.


Men's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 4
Rowed over

After getting bumped yesterday, we started at the top of the M3 division today. Our goal was obviously to get back into the M2 division, meaning two races!

During the first race of the day, we were being chased by Emmanuel M2. We went off steadily, prepared for a long race. Emmanuel slowly caught up with us to about one length, but we kept calm, having learned from our mistakes yesterday. Soon they were exhausted and they got bumped after Ditton Corner by Hughes Hall M1. We had no real threat anymore and rowed over nicely.

The second race we were the sandwich boat, chasing Pembroke M2. We started off hard, going for the bump. Contrary to us, Pembroke were still fresh and we didn’t seem to be gaining on them, but didn’t let go of them either. Until halfway, we chased them steadily, but then they slowly escaped us. Tomorrow we’ll start in the same position as today, but will hopefully bump!


Men's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 5
Got bumped
Hughes Hall M1

Just like yesterday, we started at the top of the M3 division, but this time being chased by Hughes Hall M1. We started off solidly and kept Hughes off quite well at the beginning. Slowly but steadily they started to gain on us.

Encouraged by the increasing number of whistles, they kept reducing the distance between us. We didn’t give them an easy time however and our pushes kept them at around 3 whistles for quite a while. We pushed away from Ditton Corner, but had to admit that they were just a bit faster than us and got bumped around the start of the Reach.

Overall it was a solid race and we were satisfied with our performance.


Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 1
Rowed over

This afternoon we sat on the start line, ready to go, a term’s worth of training under our belts, having executed our best start of term on the way up to psyche out our opposition, and fuelled by pancakes and crunchy chocolate sauce from crew pasta. Ahead of us were Newnham the winners of Pembroke regatta, and chasing us were Emma – a relatively unknown quantity. We de-kitted at the 4 minute gun, pushed out with 30 s to go, and with the start cannon we were off. We executed a good strong start, hitting rate 38 off the winds, then 5 of the legs followed by a hips through to take us onto a good steady rhythm at rate 35, staying on station with both Newnham and Emma.

As we came round first post corner we started to hear single whistles from Emma, but we didn’t pay any attention to those and continued to row our race, holding them off easily and defying their coaches decidedly optimistic whistling. We took a tight line round first post and stormed down the gut as we had been working on in training. As we came round grassy we were still on station with both crews, with Clare hot on Emma’s tail. Out of grassy corner, we executed our well practiced and familiar reset move, firming up our rhythm and power and increasing our boat speed. This was followed by a push from our middle-4 powerhouse. Having experienced some pretty strong headwinds last weekend we were braced to push into another one as we came round onto the reach, but found less opposition than we expected so maintained speed onto the reach. Behind us, Clare bumped Emma and so with a clear reach behind us we continued on towards the railway bridge trailing Newnham still. We lost a bit of focus, but crossed the line and wound down having executed a really good first half of our race and a solid second half. Some improvements in catches and not over-reaching at the catch will help us in tomorrow’s race.


Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 3
Got bumped
Clare W1

The race plan for today was to go off hard and hold on, having seen Clare bump Emma yesterday, and having heard Kate’s praise for their finishes. We were also chasing Newnham again today after rowing over behind them yesterday.

Following the plan we wound aggressively up to rate 40 in the start, and despite the usual rhythm call from Emily stayed up at rate 38 down first post reach. Despite the high rate we rowed well with sharper catches than yesterday. We held it round first post corner and fought on through Clare’s first whistles, staying strong and not letting them put us off. The rate settled down slightly to rate 35, and we hit our stride. We took a tight line around grassy corner and stayed on station with Newnham but allowed Clare to get to half a length behind us. However we didn’t let them put us off, and executed our reset move, re-establishing the rhythm, and followed it up with a middle four push past the plough. They got their bows on the inside of us as we pushed hard and we were finally bumped as we turned the corner onto the reach. Whilst disappointed with the result we were pleased with our row, our attack, and our determination which we need to hold for tomorrow’s race.


Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 4
Rowed over

The race plan for today was to row hard to the plough, put Emma behind us and then row our race to the finish line. We had a slightly shaky row up as our sub adjusted to the rate 40 starts we have been doing, but when we span at the top, we decided that no way were we being bumped by the ballet boat. With this determination we pushed off, and when the gun went we went out with a flying start, wound up to rate 40, and then rhythmed to rate 36. We were slightly tense, and wobbled a bit round first post corner but then settled down as Emily called our gut. There were single whistles coming from behind us but that might have been Emma or that might have been FaT. Out rowing was a little scrappy but still fast. It cleaned up as we did out reset move down past the Plough and middle four lifted wit again. With that move we moved to shut the door behind us and move it. Strokeside pulled us round onto the reach, and we reset again with an up 2 on the rate when Emma got bumped behind us. By this point we were 3 lengths ahead of them anyway. As we came past the apex of the reach, Kate called from the bank for us to reset and sit tall into the finish. We got 4 feet extra cover out of every stroke and focused on making our row good, first to the railway bridge, then past the waiting men’s boats and then in the last 250m to the top finish where we wound down well satisfied with our race. We executed a tough and hard start like yesterday, but then didn’t blow and carried on to row a strong race – the best one of term and at the right time. Same tactics for tomorrow, but we are expecting FaT to provide more pressure from behind.


Women's 1st VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 5
Got bumped
FaT W1

We were slightly nervy on the row up for the last day of bumps. The race could go either way and the plan was the same as the last couple of days: go off hard to the plough and then reassess. After a slightly nervous row up, we span, settled down and focused ready for the gun. When we pushed off, and the gun went we executed a good start, settled down a bit more than the day before and rowed well round first post corner. Emily called us to settle better down the gut, and we were still on station with FaT behind and Newnham ahead. We pushed a good hard push round grassy corner as FaT started to get one whistle behind us, and reset, with a hard middle-4 push staying focussed despite the crowds at the plough. We braced again for wind as we came onto the reach and fought hard to maintain distance ahead of FaT, responding well when Emily called an up-2 on the rate when they came up to half a length behind us. Battling on down the reach we held them until the railway bridge, but sadly in the end they bumped us as we came under the bridge.


Women's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 1
Rowed over

Our bumps week started with marshalling in the rain, waiting for the third men’s division to come through. Then we were off to the lock, getting in a good rolling start on the reach and again along Plough reach. We parked at station 14, just round the corner before Baitsbite lock. For most of our crew this was our first ever bumps race. Everyone was feeling excited and a little nervous as Kate pushed us off the bank. When the final cannon went off we got our full start sequence in before catching a crab on first post reach. The girls recovered well and we managed to keep going. Ahead of us there were some crews pulled over who cheered us on as we came round first post corner to the gut. There were more parked crews on grassy corner, on the inside as well as the outside, making for a tight bend. Back onto the straight we focused in and got a good rhythm going. On the reach the wind was working against us but we focused on moving together up the slide and really swinging the hips through at the end of the drive to get the boat moving. As we passed under the railway bridge Christ’s M2 were there to give us a huge cheer. We took a push from there, making it to the bottom finish. Lady Margaret also rowed over so we will be chasing them again on Thursday.


Women's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 3
Got bumped
Newnham W2

Having had the day off we were all excited to get back on the Cam, this time in the sunshine. Our spirits were high as we marshalled and we were ready to chase Lady Margaret. The new crew behind us, Newnham, were the fastest W2 on the river, we wanted to keep them off for as long as possible. On the way up to our station our practice build got to a rate of 36 but struggled to move together so we got in a second, more controlled build at the end of the reach. Once again starting at station 14 we executed the build well and were quickly under the motorway bridge. Newnham were fast coming up behind us and although we were focused and rowing well just after the bridge their bow ball passed our cox. We rowed home smiling despite the result, today’s rowing was a huge improvement on Tuesday. To hold our own on Friday we need to work on getting the rhythm together after winding up and not rushing the slide at a higher rate.


Women's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 4
Got bumped
Wolfson W1

We started our paddle with a well-balanced boat giving us time to work on the winds in our practice starts. Our station was slightly further round the corner than on previous days but we were able to take a decent line on the inside to pull away from Wolfson W1. We knew it would be a tough race. After getting slightly out of time we then moved together to try and keep them off for as long as possible. Shortly after the road bridge we were forced to concede as their bow ball came alongside our cox.


Women's 2nd VIII Lents 2016-17 , Day 5
Got bumped
Clare W2

After a very speedy paddle to marshalling we were feeling good about the last day of bumps. We had some good practices on the reach. After cannon sounded our first stroke was off balance and we caught a crab, we had to push on to try and get away from Clare and after a miraculous recovery we thought we might be able to hold them for a while. Then just two stokes later another crab meant the end for us on the last day as Clare W2 came up fast behind us.