Welcome to the Christ's College Boat Club (CCBC) website. In 1830, the Boat Club was founded, at which time only a few of the Colleges had clubs. In 1887 the Boathouse was built in its present position.
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Henley Womens Regatta 2013-14

W1 took time out of their busy May Week schedules to race at the prestigious Henley Women's Regatta.

May Bumps 2013-14

Crew Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Overall
M1 Rowed over Rowed over Rowed over Rowed over 0
W1 Bumped Pembroke W1 Rowed over Bumped by LMBC W1 Bumped by Queens' W1 -1
M2 Rowed over Rowed over Bumped by Jesus M2 Bumped by Hughes Hall M1 -2
W2 Bumped by Queens' W2 Rowed over & Rowed over Bumped by Lucy Cavendish/Hughes Hall W1 Bumped by Corpus Christi W1 -3
R1 Bumped by St Edmund's M2 Bumped by Hughes Hall M2 Rowed over Bumped by Sidney Sussex M2 -3
H1 Rowed over Rowed over Bumped LMBC W3 Rowed over +1

Getting on Race - Mays 2013-14

Just one crew racing the GoR this year, and the first ever race for the newly formed Christ's Hippolytans' boat, racing as W3. The crew beat off stiff competition to earn their place in the W4 division.

Cambridge 99s Spring Regatta 2013-14

Just one crew racing this weekend: M1 are competing in Nine's Regatta. Another side-by-side race to give some good mental prep for bumps. The first race is at 13.30

Nottingham City Regatta 2013-14

This weekend M1 took a trip away to Nottingham to compete in Notts City Regatta. The crew split in two to race the IM3 4+ and Nov. 4+ in the morning, then joined back together for the IM3 8+ in the afternoon. All three crews had some good races with both 4s making it to their respective finals, and the 8 only narrowly missing out on qualifying. The regatta gave the crew good racing experience in preparation for May Bumps, and the glorious weather all day taught everyone a valuable lesson on the importance of wearing sun cream.

Overseas Success for Crustaceans

The Crustaceans Crew of '78 have just returned from racing in the Coppa Lysistrata in the Bay of Naples, where they took home bronze medals.

Read about it on the Edinburgh News website.

Champion of the Thames Eights Head 2013-14

Two crews raced this weekend in Champs 8s Head: W1 and R1, our rugby boat. R1 will be racing as M3 in bumps. Both crews put in strong performances, and gained more preparation for the looming May Bumps.

2014-15 Committee elected

The boat club committee for 2014-15 was elected at the club AGM on Saturday 3rd May. Congratulations to the newly elected members of the committee and the best of luck to them for when they officially take up their positions on 6th July.

The members of the new committee can be found here.

Success at BUCS

After novicing at CCBC this Michaelmas and rowing with W1 for the Lent Bumps, Tricia Smith took another step up this week to compete with the CUW Development Squad in the Beginner 8+ at BUCS.

The crew held off stiff competition to take Gold in the final. Let's hope that Tricia (rowing at 7 in the photo) is as successful with CCBC W1 throughout the rest of the term.

Spring Head to Head 2013-14

M1, W1 and W2 had their first race of the term this weekend at Spring Head to Head. The format of the race is two 2km pieces the first downstream and the second upstream after a brief rest.

All three crews performed well, with W1 taking home pots as joint quickest women's student crew, and M1 achieving a solid 5th place overall.

The race was a good starting point for these three boats, and gave everyone a good idea of the work left to do before Mays

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