Welcome to the Christ's College Boat Club (CCBC) website. In 1830, the Boat Club was founded, at which time only a few of the Colleges had clubs. In 1887 the Boathouse was built in its present position.
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Women's 1st VIII Fairbairns 2016-17 - Fairbairn Cup

Fairbairn Cup
Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 

On Friday W1 raced Fairbairns – the annual 4.3 km race from Jesus flag pole to just beyond the motorway bridge. In the build up to the race, we had been focussing on putting the power down in every single stroke, and getting the hips swing through to the finish. We practiced this at rate as well, to make sure we would be able to find a nice rhythm on the day. Having had a couple of days of extremely cold weather we had been warned to bring a lot of kit to wear for marshalling so we duly emerged from the portacabin on Friday in at least 3 layers of kit + jumpers each.

Women's 1st VIII Fairbairns 2016-17 - Winter Head

Winter Head
Race Number: 
Race 1
Head Race - Category: 
Women's Student 8
Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 

On Saturday W1 raced Cambridge winter head. This followed the usual Cambridge head race course from the motorway bridge to just short of Green Dragon footbridge. We entered the race twice as preparation for Fairbairns – the second race designed to give us experience of racing whilst tired from already having raced 2.5 km. The focus of the day was in really making the boat move by pushing hardest in the middle 4 minutes from the gut – a point where we have previously slowed down in racing.

Crustaceans scull to the Top of the Thames

With one hand draped nonchalantly over the brass-handled steering wheel of his Thames motor cruiser the captain, with his other hand holding a Champagne flute, gestured towards his passengers seated behind him. Their eyes widened as they alone saw the Crustaceans Leisure Quad heading towards them from behind reeds around a hairpin bend.

Women's 1st IV+ University IVs 2016-17 - University IVs

University IVs
Regatta - Crew Raced: 
Jesus W1A
Regatta - Result: 
Won - 3 s. Time = 8:58

This was an event entered purely for fun. The crew had 3 outings, and 1 erg as the racing crew before the event. We found during training that the rhythm which has been slightly elusive in the 8+, was much easier to manage in the 4+. We also did some catches work, and a couple of practice starts which went very well, managing r 38 easily. The only problem we thought we might have with rowing our best race was managing to settle to a sustainable rhythm at r33 after the start.

Boathouse Tendering and Contract Placement

Boathouse Tendering took place during Aug 16, during which, thanks to healthy fundraising, it was found possible to combine all phases and proceed with the whole design. The overall build contract was placed by the College with Barnes Construction late Sept 16, and work started on site 10th Oct. Meanwhile the boathouse was cleared during Sept (with some help provided by participants at the Alumni Regatta on 17th Sept!), and the Club will operate from the temporary facility established by Caius in the grounds of Corpus boathouse for the whole of academic year 2016/17.

Women's 1st VIII Fairbairns 2016-17 - Autumn Head

Autumn Head
Head Race - Category: 
W Coll 1st 8+
Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 

This weekend we rowed Autumn head, our first race of the year. We entered as an 8, and the crew consisted of 5 members of last year’s May's crew (including the cox), 1 from W2, a girl who has been away from rowing for a year, a girl who rowed at school, and a super-sub. As this was the first race of term we were interested to see how we would perform, and especially to see how we would measure up against other colleges. Our row down was a chance to work on cementing the rhythm that we have been working on for several sessions.

Men's 1st VIII Autumn Head 2016 - Autumn Head

Autumn Head

After what felt like no time at all, two weeks of training were over and it was time for our first fixture of the year: Autumn Head. The M1 8+ crew consisted of six rowers from last year's May's 1st crew, one from the 2nd Mays crew and two ex-captains: cox Bex Masters and John Beckett. In the following division we also entered an M1 4+; this consisted of stern 4 of the 8+ along with a more recent arrival: cox Emma Cattermole. The purpose of entering this 4+ was to prepare it for the upcoming University Fours Regatta.

Blades Regatta and Dinner 2016

On Saturday 17th September alumni from across the decades gathered at the boathouse for the biennial Blades Regatta. A chilly day did not hamper the enthusiasm of our four alumni crews (or that of one novice pair of guests gaining their first experience of rowing) and there was a great afternoon of racing.

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