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Below you will find all news items relating to the redevelopment of the Christ's Boathouse. More general information on the redevelopment can be found here.

Boathouse Tendering and Contract Placement

Boathouse Tendering took place during Aug 16, during which, thanks to healthy fundraising, it was found possible to combine all phases and proceed with the whole design. The overall build contract was placed by the College with Barnes Construction late Sept 16, and work started on site 10th Oct. Meanwhile the boathouse was cleared during Sept (with some help provided by participants at the Alumni Regatta on 17th Sept!), and the Club will operate from the temporary facility established by Caius in the grounds of Corpus boathouse for the whole of academic year 2016/17.

Boathouse Redevelopment - Invitation to Tender – Nov 2015

A list of builders who have agreed to bid for Phase 1 was finalised in Sept 15. These builders will be issued with the invitation to Tender in Nov 15, for them to return their bids within 30 days. Once the winner has been announced, work can start in the New Year. As well as Phase 1, it is hoped to include the most bulky items of Phase 2, namely the raised walls and rear roof, as these would be very difficult to carry out once the steel building in Phase 1 had been built, due to access problems.

Boathouse Redevelopment – Matched Funding Target Achieved!

We are delighted to announce that due to the generosity of our alumni, supporters and particularly Dr Yusuf Hamied, we have reached the fundraising target for Phase One of the boathouse redevelopment. We are now in discussions with the architects and the construction team in order to go out to tender and begin the construction timeline. Following the advice from these early conversations we are now pushing forward with raising the funds for Phase Two, in order to combine the construction of both Phases together.

Planning Permission Renewed

An application to renew Planning Permission was submitted to the City Council in February 14 and was approved on 7th April 14 (valid for a further three years).

Phasing of the Boathouse Project

In order to start works on the boathouse redevelopment project without delay our architects, Bland Brown and Cole (BB+C), came up with an inventive plan in Dec 13 to split the Boathouse Project into four phases, each complete in itself, but building upon the last, ultimately producing a building as detailed in the original redevelopment plans.

These phases apportion the work accordingly:

Phase One – Demolition of the current VIIIs shed and construction of the new steel building.
Phase Two – Raising the rear walls and roof of the old boathouse to match the front; extending rearwards the first floor. Renewing the bathrooms and changing areas.
Phase Three – Fitting of balcony to the outside of the buildings and creation of new storage for tubs.
Phase Four – Final phase with reassignment of internal spaces to create the layout of rooms as envisioned in plans.