Boathouse Redevelopment

Many Cambridge college boathouses need to be upgraded to improve their facilities for land training and for women. A project has been running since early ’08 to plan and implement the adaptation of Christ’s boathouse.

We have:
• Chosen our architect
  - Agreed the design
  - Purchased a strip of land
  - Obtained full planning permission
  - Renegotiated access for construction through the car park of the adjacent Barclays Bank Branch
  - Appointed the design team
  - Conducted test drillings to establish the foundation system
• Raised the funds necessary for all four phases.
• Invited Tenders for construction.
• Placed the Prime Contract, which is now almost halfway towards completion (see the regular reports from the Contractors).
• Planned how the club operates during construction.

We still need to raise funds necessary to equip the new boathouse, but meanwhile, after a very long wait, it has started! Your continued support, at whatever level, is crucial and we hope you will wish to help this visionary project. You will find all the details in the following pages of this website.

Plans development

Click here for more information on the plans for the new boathouse.


Click here for more information on the fundraising for the new boathouse.

Recent News
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