Directions to Christ's College Boathouse

The Christ's College Boathouse is currently undergoing a major redevelopment, which you can read about here, however, this means that we are currently using a temporary training facility which is shared with a few other colleges. It is still no more than a 10 minute walk from Christ's!.

Below is a map marking the location of the temporary boathouse. Click on the link in the top left to view a larger version in another tab.

Detailed directions from the back Porters Lodge of Christ's

1) Turn right as you exit the back Porter's Lodge (King's Street exit).

2) Continue along King's Street

3) Cross the roundabout to Midsummer Common and take the cycle path which diagonally crosses the common.

4) Follow the cycle path straight across the whole of Midsummer Common

5) You will arrive at a pedestrian/cycle bridge which crosses over the river, you can just about see the bridge in the image below.

6) Cross over the bridge and take the first left, follow the road until the end, and the boathouse should be on your left. Additional images of the facility (and Sam!) can be found under the 'Attachments' heading below.

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