Welcome to the Christ's College Boat Club (CCBC) website. In 1830, the Boat Club was founded, at which time only a few of the Colleges had clubs. In 1887 the Boathouse was built in its present position.
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Crustaceans scull to the Top of the Thames

With one hand draped nonchalantly over the brass-handled steering wheel of his Thames motor cruiser the captain, with his other hand holding a Champagne flute, gestured towards his passengers seated behind him. Their eyes widened as they alone saw the Crustaceans Leisure Quad heading towards them from behind reeds around a hairpin bend.

Boathouse Tendering and Contract Placement

Boathouse Tendering took place during Aug 16, during which, thanks to healthy fundraising, it was found possible to combine all phases and proceed with the whole design. The overall build contract was placed by the College with Barnes Construction late Sept 16, and work started on site 10th Oct. Meanwhile the boathouse was cleared during Sept (with some help provided by participants at the Alumni Regatta on 17th Sept!), and the Club will operate from the temporary facility established by Caius in the grounds of Corpus boathouse for the whole of academic year 2016/17.

Blades Regatta and Dinner 2016

On Saturday 17th September alumni from across the decades gathered at the boathouse for the biennial Blades Regatta. A chilly day did not hamper the enthusiasm of our four alumni crews (or that of one novice pair of guests gaining their first experience of rowing) and there was a great afternoon of racing.

Women's 1st VIII Mays 2015-16 - Champion of the Thames Eights Head

Head Race - Category: 
Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 

A day of glorious sunshine awaited W1 as we rowed down to marshal in the gut, among the rest of the college VIIIs. Our practice starts were fiery and stroke, seven and cox all enjoyed a shared smile in the winds! Just as we'd practiced, our start was explosive, in contrast to the calm 'Go' from the bank. We flew out of the blocks at 40 and past The Plough, rhythming out at 35. We took the corner well, despite a couple of unbalanced strokes and aimed to set it up again with the finishes out of Ditton.

Women's 1st VIII Mays 2015-16 - Spring Head to Head

Head Race - Category: 
Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 
1st leg: 07:42.8 2nd leg: 07:59.0 Total: 15:41.8

W1 had our second race of term competing in Spring Head to Head over a course which ran from the railway bridge to the motorway bridge and back again.

Our first start was not as aggressive as planned, though we quickly settled into our racing rhythm. A strong row down the reach saw us pushing towards Pembroke, however some scrappy strokes saw our progress slow and boat speed reduce. Despite this, our corners were an improvement on last week’s as we managed to push round them as well as out of them.

Head of the Cam 2016

The Head of the Cam, in week 1 of Easter Term, was a celebration of CCBC past, present and future! The student first and second boats raced in the morning and then the Boathouse was filled with alumni, recent and not-so-recent for the afternoon division! The club fielded student W1, M1, W2, M2 and Crustaceans M1 (Aldridge), M2 (Hobson), M3 (Swallow), M4 (Martin), an IM3 IV+ (Beckett) and W1 - quite an achievement to boat all of these crews and we all arrived in the marshalling zone before any other club!

Mixed Wassersportverein Waldshut Mixed Mas D 8+ Vesta Veterans VIII Head of the River 2015-16 - Vesta Veterans

Vesta Veterans
Head Race - Category: 
Vesta Veterans Mixed Masters D 8+ WINNERS
Head Race - Postion: 
Head Race - Time: 

“Cox! Where is your buoyancy aid?” The Boat Marshal’s polite but insistent voice drifts across the calm sunlit River Thames.

Lent Bumps 2015-16

Click Read More to read the race reports from Bumps.

Pembroke Regatta 2015-16

W1 were excited to finally have some side-by-side racing on the Cam! In the first round against St Catz, having marshaled by the Plough, we got aligned at the bottom of the Long Reach, in the strong cross wind. We got off to a good start, taking a few seats straight away. This lead lengthened out to a length, where they then mounted their attack and so we held our position to the railway bridge. We moved on again here, shutting the door and aiming for the finish line. A decisive row, but we knew that the second round would bring tougher competition and knew how would up our game in the middle of the race.

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